This post is about the weather. During this winter holiday season the weather has been very much like what we call ” Texas weather ” . You know how some people are bipolar because they change moods so easily. That basically explains ” Texas weather ” , it changes so quick. It can be sunny out today but don’t be surprised if tomorrow you walk outside and it pouring.  This holiday season the weather has been at low 50’s and even hit the 30’s but it was another Christmas without snow here in Dallas.



The president of the United States , is someone who is always on the news. Everyday either on social media or on the television , we see Donald Trump. For example a white house official said that  Donald Trump is inclined to declare a national emergency to secure military funding for his long-promised southern border wall if talks between administration officials and top lawmakers from both parties continue to stall. Other days we hear about how he is not what people want as president and then we see him giving long speeches on what he plans to do to ” make america great again ” but many people disagree with his ideas and beliefs.



Something that interests me is soccer. The beautiful game as many people call it. It is such a great sport to both watch and play. I aspire to be like those soccer players that I see on the national teams and on soccer clubs. My favorite soccer team is Real Madrid. Even people who do not know anything about soccer know about Real Madrid because it is the best team in the world. Soccer is one of the motives why I enjoy going to school and why I try to keep my grades up.


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