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What is the collegiate academy ?

I am choosing this as the topic because there is a lot to say about the program. This program began to function in my high school at the beginning of my freshman year. Yes , you’re probably wondering how I got in to begin with. To tell the truth almost everyone I went to middle school with was automatically incorporated into being in the program including myself. I did not really know what I was involved in. All i understood was that it was a chance to attain my diploma and associates degree at the same time. In my head im thinking, GREAT ! Its a good thing to do , less school. Little did I know that it was not going to be as easy and fun as it sounded though. It was clearly something new and everyone was trying to figure out how things were going to work out. Not anytime later would everything fall into place and things would begin to work how I believe the staff intended for it to work. A big part of the program is those teachers and staff involved. Our counselor is a great person who helps all of us and answers any questions we may have, clearly he wants the best for us all and everyone of us students is extremely grateful for him. Everyone became close and grew a bond because we were basically a team. Proving not only to the other students how privileged we were for being in the program but also proving to ourselves that we can do anything we set our minds to. Of course like anything in life we may go through some tough times but there is a solution for everything , well almost everything. For example there were some students who did not want to be a part of it after a while or some who were not doing what they were supposed to be doing but were not ready to give up. Being honest , the program¬† so convenient and something none of us students should take for granted. Yes the work can get exhausting and can cause an amount of stress. It may not fit into schedules with all of our high school work and us teenagers being involved in the sports that make us happy, but we must manage and find a way to input it into the schedule. Time is everything. A couple of minutes doing some work can make a huge difference in the grades. College is a bit different from high school. The professors do not really address students personally unless it is something critical. I doubt the professors remember our names much because when i say the classes are packed, i mean it.¬† It is truly something we should take seriously and try to invest as much time as possible trying to do our best. It is always great when we accomplish what we have been working so hard for. We should exceed the expectations and follow directions to acquire what we want to achieve. We can only hope to do better each and every time. If we had a good grade last semester then the next should be great. I want to make every moment count and continue making my experience good for myself and for my fellow friends. I can already see it , I invisionmyself walking on the stage and telling my parents that I have actudally done it. For them and for myself I hope to be the best that I can be and with the help of this program I know i can manage to make it happen.

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