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The month of December is full of many holidays that my family and I celebrate. We begin on December 12th because we celebrate Virgin Mary’s Day due to our religion. We do something called ” Las Mananitas A La Virgen”  in which we pray , and sing songs that honor her. The next holiday we celebrate is Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve we wake up pretty early to clean the house and begin cooking. Our family usually makes posole and tamales. During the holidays if you were planning on losing weight I would not recommend coming over to our house. All my family gets together and we also make a “posada”. This is basically done to celebrate baby Jesus birth which is also one of the many mexican traditions. In most occasions we always have a Secret Santa and we do an exchange of gifts. Although many people open their gifts on Christmas morning, that is not the case in my house. All the kids are eager for Christmas Eve to be over and for it to turn 12 so that we begin opening gifts. We all open gifts then continue partying and dancing and just having fun. This continues all the way up until 3 in the morning or even later. Christmas morning we spend it going out for breakfast or just spending quality time with friends and or family. New Years is also very fun. Its a whole party as well with fireworks, dancing, singing, music , and family.

Holidays no matter how they are spent should make one feel happy. Everyone has different traditions and ways in which they choose to spend this time of year. I hope everyone had and continues having a good time. Some may have gone outside of the state or even outside of the country and are having a wonderful time. others may have stayed here and Dallas like myself and are enjoying their time here. I believe that it doesn’t matter where we are as long as we are surrounded by our loved ones and we should not take it for granted.  That is how I personally enjoy the holidays more, just enjoying myself and the time I get to spend with my family and friends having a blast!

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